Porcelain bowls 2018

These are some of the porcelaine bowls I’ve been working on the past months (13×6,5 cm).

The bowl is one of the oldest human forms, and its cultural significance is enormous. Apart from simplifying daily life, bowls are part of religious and spiritual rituals all over the world, and they have been a surface for art for just as long. I think I like the idea of making something to hold something that is precious to you and I like the social aspect of bowls. It implicates a shared meal, a present, an offering. 

In my work the connection of the human being and nature is a recurring theme, and this work, too, is a confrontation with nature. I try to imitate shapes of landscapes and their colors, and then press them into a form that was initially a human gesture, the folding of the hands into a bowl. I loved the idea of pouring and placing porcelain tainted with different colors into my mold and creating a landscape or a movement of soils that is, just like minerals, fixed in time.