Exhibition “unfinished sympathies” (Nachbarschaftszentrum Wildgarten, Vienna 2019)

The writing through material club (Dunja Krcek and Christina Kehrer) organized a short-term symposium with the beautiful title “unfinished sympathies” where we could bring all the clutter that we collected the past year and finish it there. We worked on plastics, old bills, used copying-paper and cloth and exchanged our favorite poetry and art-writing for […]

Exhibition “O” in Schaufenster Denis 5.10.2019

I was asked to exhibit in the “Schaufenster Denis”, an off-space that only consists of a shop-window as part of a Kebap-restaurant. The exhibition was part of “MUSAO (Museum auf Abwegen) Grundsteingasse”, a bi-annual festival where the road is closed for traffic and the off-spaces and studios on the street organize exhibitions, performances, concerts and […]